On Life Diary, we have converse on our experiences and others’ touching lifestyle, relationship, career and faith that will spur our listeners to become upgraded versions of themselves. We believe grace is available for that person that desires growth. 

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Mar 19, 2021

It's Our Podversary: Season Finale

It’s our Podversary!🥳🥳 Tomorrow will make it a year of us blessing you with lifediarypodcast episodes. What started as bedroom banter has g…

Mar 5, 2021

Networking in Lagos

Sometimes, getting out of your shell, to interact with new people can be such a task. But networking is serious business, moreso in Lagos. We got Chis…

Feb 19, 2021

Personal Space in Relationships

Personal Space in relationships is needed to keep a relationship healthy and progressive. We had @_achalugo and @feyisayo_ share their thoughts and ex…

Feb 12, 2021

Single Woman living in Lagos

Adulting in a city like Lagos can be an extreme sport in itself. Talmbout living alone as a single woman. On this episode, @ollahpretty and @oyindaa_…

Feb 5, 2021

Why we were away

When life happens you take unplanned breaks. We've missed you sorely and have juicy 'sturves' to make up. 😉 So can we play now? How about you liste…

Dec 5, 2020

Having Fun this December?

December is here and we are grateful! What are you up to this December? We have a couple of suggestions. Do take a listen. --- This episode is spon…

Nov 14, 2020

Insecurities? We all have them!

Everyone has moments of insecurity, howbeit in proportions. For some, it has become that monster that has sent them into a dark cave of helplessness.…

Oct 30, 2020

Time Out

Omo! The past couple of weeks have been intense and that’s why we’re taking a breather with this “Time Out” episode. --- This episode is sp…

Oct 9, 2020

Your Money is Our Money.

The saying "No one owes you anything" rings true until you have to deal with it yourself.  Who owes us really? Listen to our convo on "Your money is…

Sep 25, 2020

What’s Poppin??

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to our very first episode of season two! Go listen and let's play catch up. Ciao! Debs x Fayo --- This episode…

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