Just Talk is a weekly podcast hostage on Anchor. I try to meet directional needs of young people by examining my life and the lives of other people and drawing points.

Recent Episode(s)

Nov 13, 2023

Dealing with Bitterness

This one is the lesson God is still teaching me. I am learning that we have to forgive the memory of offense, I am learning that it is better to talk…

Oct 16, 2023

God’s Restoration

This one is for everyone who feels they have fallen or they are slipping in devotion. God can restore you. Listen in…

Oct 2, 2023

New Season, Some Lessons

I talk about a few things like what I have been up to, some lessons I have learnt through the year and very important a lesson I learned from scriptur…

Aug 21, 2023

Heart Check: Spiritual Goals

I went through some prayers I made early in the year for spiritual growth and it inspired this episode. I am sure this will bless you…

Aug 14, 2023

Our Shortsightedness and God’s Full Vision

Here’s another reminder that you cannot see as far as God sees and so instead of fretting, you can take your cares to God. I hope this speaks to you…

Aug 7, 2023

Heart Check: Joy is a Fruit of the Holy Spirit

I lay down feeling really let down about a lot of things today and just as I mindlessly scrolled through social media, feeling out of sorts, the Holy…

Jul 24, 2023

The Nature of God: No Shadow of Turning, No Variableness

Today I go on to talk about how God is all God and how there’s no iota of bad or evil in him. I learnt so much about the unchanging nature of God in…

Jul 10, 2023

Mental Alarms and our Devotion to God

How quick are we to notice when our walk with God starts to go south? Whether with sin or devotion? Today I talk about mentally taking stock of our wa…

Jun 26, 2023

Willingness to do God’s Will

I read Genesis 22 last week and I had so much to consider as I read Abraham’s story. I could not imagine how a man could go to sacrifice his son and…

Jun 12, 2023

Total Dependence on God

Today’s episode is close to my heart because God has long asked me to step out in faith and begin something new and I am learning again to trust his…

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