Fearless music activists. Savvy tech entrepreneurs. Social disrupters. Into Africa shatters the narratives that dominate U.S. perceptions of Africa. Host Judd Devermont, Africa program director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C., sits down with policymakers, journalists, academics and other trailblazers in African affairs to shine a spotlight on the faces spearheading cultural, political, and economic change on the continent.

Recent Episode(s)

Nov 30, 2023

Angola’s Paradox of Abundance

Oil and diamonds typically hint towards a strong and robust economy. However, there is a noticeable disconnect between the mineral richness of Angola…

Nov 16, 2023

Taking Africa's Pulse with Afrobarometer

Although data is a powerful tool in decision-making, data collection and production in Africa have proven to miss the mark in pattern prediction. Afro…

Nov 2, 2023

Cooking Up a Storm from Dakar to Brooklyn

Yes, Chef! Mvemba is joined by Pierre Thiam, a renowned chef, author, and social activist. Hailing from Senegal, Chef Thiam is best known for bringing…

Oct 19, 2023

CorpsAfrica: Peace Corps by and for Africans

Modeled after the Peace Corps, CorpsAfrica empowers African youth to work with local communities, emphasizing local ownership, collaboration, and part…

Oct 5, 2023

A Look Inside the First Africa Climate Summit

For too long Africa’s role in the fight against climate change has been overlooked and underestimated. While world leaders and non-governmental org…

Sep 21, 2023

Nine Coups in Three Years

Burkina Faso (twice). Chad. Gabon. Guinea. Mali (twice). Niger. Sudan. The recent spate in coups has forced many to pause and ask difficult questions.

Sep 7, 2023

Assessing Tinubu’s First 150 Days in Office

Mvemba is joined by Fyneface Dumnamene, the Executive Director of the Youth and Environmental Advocacy Center based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. They as…

Aug 24, 2023

Bobi Wine on Youth Movements and Liberation

Mvemba is joined by Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, commonly known as Bobi Wine, to discuss youth movements' challenges in Africa, reflecting on his jo…

Aug 10, 2023

The Restitution of African Art

Mvemba is joined by Eric Kuikende-Banshona, a Provenance Researcher at the National Museum of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They highlight the imp…

Jul 27, 2023

The Wagner Group: The Kremlin’s Indispensable Hand in Africa

Mvemba is joined by CSIS’s Catrina Doxsee, Associate Director and Associate Fellow with the Transnational Threats Project, and ICG’s Delaney Simon…

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