Fearless music activists. Savvy tech entrepreneurs. Social disrupters. Into Africa shatters the narratives that dominate U.S. perceptions of Africa. Host Judd Devermont, Africa program director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C., sits down with policymakers, journalists, academics and other trailblazers in African affairs to shine a spotlight on the faces spearheading cultural, political, and economic change on the continent.

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Jan 26, 2023

Maintaining Momentum After the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

What happened during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in December '22? Mvemba is joined by Aloysius Uche Ordu (Senior Fellow and Director of the Africa…

Jan 12, 2023

Chad At A Crossroads

Mvemba is joined by Succès Masra, a leading Chadian opposition figure and the president of Les Transformateurs, the major opposition party in Chad. T…

Dec 8, 2022

What to Watch For In The Upcoming U.S.-Africa Leaders' Summit

Mvemba is joined by Dana Banks, Senior Advisor to the President of the United States and Special Advisor for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. With the…

Nov 24, 2022

Life in Mali Today: Unpacking Internal and External Actors

Mvemba is joined by Doussouba Konaté, Country Director and Global Program Manager for Accountability Lab Mali, an organization dedicated to shifting…

Nov 11, 2022

AFRICOM and the Triple Nexus

Mvemba is joined by Ambassador Andrew Young, Deputy to the Commander for Civil-Military Engagement of U.S. Africa Command. They discuss the three dime…

Oct 27, 2022

A Conversation with DR Congo’s Minister of Finance

Mvemba is joined by Mr. Nicolas Kazadi, Minister of Finance of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They discuss the Millennium Challenge Corporation, ta…

Oct 13, 2022

Forecasting African Futures

Mvemba is joined by Jakkie Cilliers, Head of African Futures & Innovation at the Institute for Security Studies, a South African think-tank. Jakk…

Sep 29, 2022

H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of Somalia

Mvemba is joined by His Excellency Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The newly elected President came into office f…

Sep 15, 2022

Survey: Why Turkey Is So Popular in the DRC, And More

Mvemba is joined by Joshua Walker, Director of Programs at the Congo Research Group and Francesca Bomboko, Co-Founder and Director of BERCI, a public…

Sep 1, 2022

Building A Political Career in Kenya

Mvemba is joined by Josphat Kamanya, a Kenyan politician and entrepreneur. Josphat reflects on his run for local government, shares insights into the…

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