I say what I want is a show hosted by a young, beautiful, talented, goofy and Godly lady, bestowed with a lot of wisdom to share, inspire and motivate young folks.
There are a lot of lies we’ve been made to believe are true but not anymore. A revolutionary is here!!!!
Enough of the plenty grammar, I’m bringing you the raw and undiluted truth, spiced with Godliness, on a table of goofiness, ain’t no forming here😏.
I love talking and this is my ministry.
John 15:4a; “Abide in me, and I in you”.
I’ll leave you wanting more!!

Recent Episode(s)

Mar 24, 2023

Gods Instructions Vs My Parents Opinion

Gods Instructions Vs My Parents Opinion Can we Obey God and still please our parents? Because if you know, God will take YOU OUT of your comfort zon…

Mar 17, 2023

Adulting 101

It’s about time we talk about Adulthood! Most of us just stumbled into it honestly; I am a classical example 😂 I don’t know who sent me😒…

Mar 10, 2023

Spiritual Checklist

Has your Spiritual routine become a To-Do list? You show up to check things as done but you leave with no substance. Is that YOU? Funny how I didn…

Mar 3, 2023

Being Nigerian 🇳🇬

You know that saying? Yeah there’s none😂 But being a Nigerian, can have you question your sanity sometimes Don’t believe me? Ask a Nigerian…

Feb 24, 2023

Is Fear Real?

When you fix your eyes on Fear and not on God. Do you know what you are doing? You are literally telling the ALMIGHTY GOD that He cannot handle that…

Feb 17, 2023

Do it Afraid 2

What is the worse thing that’ll happen when you obey God? Absolutely NOTHING! Remember, He is Sovereign and he REWARDS your obedience! Enjoy this…

Feb 10, 2023

Do It Afraid..

Do it Afraid.. Yep! Everything you are seeking is on the other side of Obedience. Stop trying to bring God to your level of understanding, it’s ins…

Feb 3, 2023

Life of a GenZ Christian 😎

In weather terms: Can you live as a Nigerian in Canada or will you willingly adjust to wearing winter jackets? Think about it…. Follow me on IG: @c…

Jan 27, 2023

Building a Circle ⭕️

Building a Circle ⭕️ No Man is an island and no! You cannot do life alone, you need people. Trust me as a loner, i know it sounds weird😂 Fol…

Jan 20, 2023

I Am Planning To..a.k.a Procrastination

Beyond the activities that go on behind the scene: the only most important step is to SHOW UP! Yep, time to destroy my comfy table😂 Follow me on I…

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