The Lagos millennial experience, according to FK and Jollz is a humor-laden socio-cultural commentary podcast now in its second season.
This podcast, hosted by F. K.Abudu and Jola Jollz Ayeye, is all about the Lagos millenial experience. It’s an honest, engrossing, funny and really meaningful show. Most episodes make you laugh, others will make you cry. But regardless of the discussion, you can be certain that your attention will be held. It’s a great way to decompress for the day, while also keeping up with life in Lagos.

Recent Episode(s)

Jul 28, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP25 - The “Big Odun Energy” ft Odun Eweniyi

In this Episode Fk and Jollz have a chat with Odun Eweniyi, Cofounder of PiggyVest and First Check Africa. She lets us in on her journey as an entrepr…
Play 01hr 57mins 11secs

Jul 21, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP24 - The “Cheating Death” Episode ft Jerrie Rotimi and Kunle Akin

In this episode Fk and Jollz have a chat with Jerrie Rotimi and Kunle Akin, two amazing photographers who let us in on their journey into photography,…
Play 02hr 26mins 21secs

Jul 14, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP23 - The “Ajibola Grey” Episode

In this episode, Fk and jollz have a chat with Ajibola Grey. A lawyer, a twitter sensation and a man of many talents. He takes us through his many uni…
Play 01hr 39mins 21secs

Jul 7, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP22 - The “Rocking with the SDC” Episode ft Tec

In this episode, Fk and Jollz chat with Tec, 1 of 2 of Show Dem Camp. He takes us through his journey with music. Starting out with a job in amsterdam…
Play 02hr 03mins 21secs

Jun 30, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP21- The “Agony Aunty 4” Episode

In this episode , Fk and Jollz let us into what they’ve both been up to individually in the past few days before diving into your hilarious and rath…
Play 02hr 08mins 22secs

Jun 23, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP20 - The “Boundaries and Work Culture” Episode ft Ozzy

In this episode, Fk and Jollz have a chat with ozzy, they talk about establishing and enforcing boundaries among family , friends and people in genera…
Play 01hr 52mins 08secs

Jun 16, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP19 - The “ Kpa Kpa Du Kpa” Episode

In this episode, Fk and Jollz talk about various hot topics currently in Nigeria and then they move on to talk about conflict resolutions and handling…
Play 01hr 39mins 54secs

Jun 9, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP18 - The “Freaky Freaky” Episode ft Mr Macaroni

In this episode, Fk and Jollz have a chat with Mr Macaroni, a great actor and budding Instagram sensation. He talks about his challenges with school,…
Play 01hr 25mins 16secs

Jun 2, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP17 - The “Under Pressure” Episode

In this episode, Fk and Jollz talk about their experiences with peer pressure and people pleasing. How they felt the need to fit in as teenagers and h…
Play 01hr 55mins 25secs

May 26, 2021

ISWIS SE03EP16 - The “ Millennial Mum” Episode ft Nicole Chikwe

In this episode, Fk and Jollz have a chat with Nicole Chikwe, Founder of “The Mummy Summit” ,  an amazing mother of 3 and a lovely Instagram sens…
Play 01hr 20mins 12secs

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