The Lagos millennial experience, according to FK and Jollz is a humor-laden socio-cultural commentary podcast now in its second season.
This podcast, hosted by F. K.Abudu and Jola Jollz Ayeye, is all about the Lagos millenial experience. It’s an honest, engrossing, funny and really meaningful show. Most episodes make you laugh, others will make you cry. But regardless of the discussion, you can be certain that your attention will be held. It’s a great way to decompress for the day, while also keeping up with life in Lagos.

Recent Episode(s)

Aug 10, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP25 The "Pillar of Strength" Episode Ft SwitOpe

This episode FK & Jollz are joined by Swit Ope, an Actress, OAP And content Creator. They discuss their specs in men and even try to match make FK…

Aug 3, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP24 The "False Appearance" Episode

This episode FK & Jollz catch up on how their eventful weekend went. They also share their experiences at childrens parties lately. They also give…

Jul 27, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP23 The "How to be an Enigma" Episode

This episode FK & Jollz are on a mission to become mysterious babes, In other words, Enigmas. They also try to solve some riddles and it is absolu…

Jul 20, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP22 The Cap-o-meter Episode Ft Seni

This episode FK & Jollz are joined by Seni, founder of The Native. They solve your agony aunt Questions, they discuss music and keeping up friends…

Jul 13, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP21 The “Peace be Unto you” Episode

This episode FK & Jollz discuss all that their previous week was like, the sallah Celebration and how Jola is on a mission to being a cool aunt. E…

Jul 6, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP20 The “man behind the magic” Episode Ft Asa Asika

This episode FK & Jollz are joined by Asa Asika, a Nigerian talent manager, best known as Davido's manager, also the co-founder of The Plug a…

Jun 29, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP19 The "let's talk Money" Episode

This episode FK & Jollz talk about money, earning it and maintaining it. The pressure the society puts to everything regarding money. This episode…

Jun 22, 2022

ISIWS SE04EP18 The "Secrets & Lies" episode Ft Dekunle Abudu

This episode FK & Jollz are joined by Dekunle Abudu. They discuss the  secrets and lies you sent in, this episode guarantees a good time. Make s…

Jun 15, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP17 The Table Talk Ft Tolani and Ayo Lawal

This episode FK & Jollz are joined by Micheal Jackson,(Ayo Lawal) and Madam producer (Tolani). We play a card game and emotions were flying all ov…

Jun 8, 2022

ISWIS SE04EP16 Is Love A Dangerous Thing

This episode FK & Jollz discuss about all things love, they even set Micheal Jackson on a date, They also help all of you who send in questions. A…

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