Health and Jara is a weekly podcast that centers on health communication and public health advocacy. One of the aims is to get people to change those seemingly insignificant, unhealthy habits that matter in the long run. Another is to correct many health stereotypes by providing the right information. As the Jara implies, other topics that involve productivity and day-to-day issues also get to be discussed.

Recent Episode(s)

Aug 16, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 20

How much of the news do you consume? Who or what is your go-to source? Do you even realize how much the internet is shaping and influencing our living…

Aug 8, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 19

Mentorship is almost beginning to look like something meant for adults when it actually should start from the cradle. After all, broken kids become da…

Jun 21, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 18

On this episode, we are talking about diabetes, the myths, facts and how to manage it. My guest is Folashade Babatunde, a Clinical Dietitian and the f…

Jun 14, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 17

On this episode, I had an interesting conversation with the delectable host of Twenty Somethings Rant Podcast, Jessica Fortunes. We talked about our p…

May 9, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 16

On this episode, we are discussing the causes and management of acne as well as the myths surrounding it. My guest is Dr Shakirat Gold-Olufadi, A Cons…

Apr 25, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 15

I bet you have heard many things about Fibroids which may not be true so I made this episode to help clear all that up. My guest is a skilled Surgeon…

Apr 19, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 14

We are on the Jara side today, talking about some lies we have believed for long. Grab a chair for this one…

Apr 11, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 13

Whatever you may have known about fasting and weight loss is about to get upgraded. That's because on this episode, Udeme Isemin, a Clinical Dietitian…

Apr 4, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 12

Do you know that Autism isn’t a disease? An Autistic child looks very normal just like any other person. But there’s more. And that’s what you w…

Mar 22, 2021

Health and Jara S02 Ep 11

It's World Water Day and today, I am reminding you, strongly, about the importance of drinking water. I am reading your feedback on the subject too so…

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