Health related podcast on preconception, conception, pregnancy, and post pregnancy

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Jun 15, 2020


Antenatal classes are overated🙄, Who made the rules that we should attend antenatal classes sef, I don't think I'm going for that ANC today oh, I…

Apr 8, 2020

Staying safe

Quick tips on how to live during this period.... TO DO AND TO NOT DO...... Also some questions mother's have sent in were answered.... I told you I ga…

Mar 9, 2020


We need to sweep, clean, get new paintings, change the wall paintings of need be in preparation for our baby. On this episode we'd looking at preconce…

Mar 2, 2020

Spotting the first bump

Many a times people don't know any other way to detect pregnancy if we take out pregnancy test New mums are most times clueless. This episode we wil…

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