Welcome to my Podcast where we discuss all things faith, navigating life issues and generally everything God gives us to share.
It promises to be an exciting time.
Here is my invite to you:
Come hang out with me…it is the place to be.
Let’s learn about our Father together.

Recent Episode(s)

Jul 20, 2021

S2 EP 9 - Cycles

Anything that has control over you and is not in alignment with God’s Word is an addiction and often we get trapped in the cycle of sin and repentan…

Jul 6, 2021

S2 EP 8 - Conversations with Abba Part 2

These letters expose my heart before God, sometimes the letters are painful to write, other times I am bursting at the seams with what I want to write…

Jun 22, 2021

S2 EP 7 - Dear Future Husband Part 3

This episode is a curation of daily letters to FH, it details my experiences, fears, thoughts and growth process. A bit mushy here and there but they…

Jun 8, 2021

S2 EP 6 - Thank You Part 1

This episode is just to say thank you to the amazing people in my life and just me giving flowers to the people in my life while they are still able t…

Jun 1, 2021

S2 EP 5 - Dear Future Husband Part 2

This episode is a curation of daily letters to FH about the ongoing in my life and just sharing stuff I have learnt and still learning. Even though so…

Mar 30, 2021

S2 EP 4 - Conversations with Abba Part 1

Today's episode is simply a curation of conversations between myself and God, lessons I have learnt and am learning. It's being such an experience to…

Feb 28, 2021

S2 EP 3 - The Audit

Today's episode is simply a reminder to look inwards, to sit down with ourselves and audit our lives holding it against Christ and see how far we have…

Feb 14, 2021

S2 EP 2 - Dear Future Husband

It's a simple letter showing the musings of my heart, I hope it resonates with you and you know that you are not alone. The link to the article is www…

Dec 25, 2020

S2 EP 1 - Freely Given

Merry Christmas everyone. Today's episode is titled 'FREELY GIVEN' It's a call to remind ourselves of what Christmas is about, how much God loves us…

Oct 5, 2020


Today is my birthday and I have written this episode with all the love in my heart. Today is a call to be more, to be everything God has created you t…

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