Welcome to my Podcast where we discuss all things faith, navigating life issues and generally everything God gives us to share.
It promises to be an exciting time.
Here is my invite to you:
Come hang out with me…it is the place to be.
Let’s learn about our Father together.

Recent Episode(s)

Mar 17, 2023

S4 EP 7 - Come and Die

This sounds like a morbid title, but it is a reminder that we are called to die daily to self, to the things that keep us from giving our yes to God,…

Feb 14, 2023

S4 EP 6 - Dear Loved One

This year, I got my married friends to write letters to their spouses, and it is a testament to the love that they share, a beautiful, warm, and endur…

Jan 31, 2023

S4 EP 5 - FEAR

For me, fear is a show of distrust and often times a reason not to try. I will fail so why bother trying but we are called to have Faith, to silence t…

Dec 28, 2022

S4 EP 4 - The Thank You Episode Part 3

Hey Fam, Last episode to close out the year Today's episode is titled 'The Thank You Episode' This part 3 is a continuation from Season 3 and it is…

Dec 15, 2022

S4 EP 3 - I am not Everyone

This is a journey to knowing who you are, understanding your worth in Christ and seeing yourself through the lens of God. I hope and pray that you tak…

Oct 5, 2022

S4 EP 2- 30 and Everything in Between

This is the birthday episode, I talk about a lot of different things, serving God, my life, relationship gist and everything else. Say a prayer for me…

Sep 16, 2022

S4 EP 1 - 9 Lessons from 29

There has been so much that I have learnt in the past 1 year in my walk with Jesus, lessons that I am still learning and I hope that resonate with you…

Jun 23, 2022

S3 EP 6 - LIFE...The Podcast

It's the Season's finale!!!! The episode is everything. It's a call to Trust, to letting go, to giving up control, to community, to resting in Christ.

May 10, 2022

S3 EP 5 - Carrying this Jesus thing on your head

In this episode, we look at what it means to actually carry Jesus thing on your head, why Jesus must be at the center of all we do and are and how our…

Mar 2, 2022

S3 EP 4 - Letters to God

This episode is a curation of 12 letters to Abba, These letters are a mix of heartfelt, tender and expressive hope in the mercies of God. They show gr…

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