The God-made-me-woman podcast is dedicated to building Women of God into the fullness of their identity in Christ through the Word of God’s Grace, His Wisdom and His Love so that they can grow into an increasingly deeper relationship with God and walk in victory and fulfilment in every area of their lives as they discover and live out their God given purpose step-by-step.

Recent Episode(s)

Dec 30, 2020

2020- Our Evil Day & Our Response To It. By Ijeoma Stephanie Ogwulu.

It's our very last episode for the year 2020 and for the Season 2 of the God-Made-Me-Woman Podcast! Sadly, the last conversation we put out was unable…

Nov 22, 2020

Sharing In The Burdens Of Our Christian Family. By Ijeoma Stephanie Ogwulu.

In Today's episode, Sister Ijeoma Stephanie Ogwulu, seeks to remind us of our Christian duty and responsibility towards each other, what ways we can b…

Nov 15, 2020

Overcoming The Worrying Addiction. By Sister Valentina Onwuli.

We know that life often throws us so kany reasons to worry everyday and there's the human tendency to worry so much until we become filled with fear a…

Nov 8, 2020

We Are The End-Time HandMaiden's Of The Lord. By Ijeoma Stephanie Ogwulu.

As women whom God made in Christ Jesus, we have a purpose in Him and we are created to be His Handmaidens. Everyone fashioned in Christ is created fo…

Nov 1, 2020

Practical Ways To Cultivating Godly Relationships. By Adaora Moah.

The Bible says that a man's countenance is sharpened by his friend and that it is the one that is seated amongst godly company that is blessed. In Tod…

Oct 25, 2020


In Today's Episode Of The God-Made-Me-Woman Podcast, Sister MowaninuJesu Umarudeen Shares With Us Six Practical Understandable Steps Of How We Can Wit…

Oct 18, 2020

Identifying Jealousy and Dealing With It. By Yvonne Ogwulu.

Jealousy is a deficiency of our virtue in Christ as women of God and it is something that many struggle with. In Today's Podcast Episode, Sister Yvonn…

Oct 11, 2020

Practical Steps To Growing Your Relationship With God. By Valentina Onwuli.

In Today's Episode, Sister Valentina Onwuli, Shares with us the practical steps we can take into growing a more intimate relationship with God. This E…

Oct 4, 2020

Gracious Words & Strong Hands. By Nancy Opara.

On today's episode, Sister Nancy Opara would be sharing with us on the virtues of Gracious Lips and strong hands and why they are important virtues fo…

Sep 27, 2020

IDENTITY; Who Are We? By Ijeoma Stephanie Ogwulu.

Identity is what defines who a person is. It is what gives meaning to the life of a person or thing even. Without a known identity, a created person o…

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