The God-made-me-woman podcast is dedicated to building Women of God into the fullness of their identity in Christ through the Word of God’s Grace, His Wisdom and His Love so that they can grow into an increasingly deeper relationship with God and walk in victory and fulfilment in every area of their lives as they discover and live out their God given purpose step-by-step.

Recent Episode(s)

Dec 17, 2021

Learning the art of resting// Stephanie Ogwulu

At this season of the year, rest is an important part of winding down the year. However, although rest is something commanded by God, rest can be hard…

Dec 10, 2021

Answering menstrual health questions// Stephanie Ogwulu × Dr.Lotanna Ugwu.

Hi there and welcome back to the GMW Podcast! Today, we have a special guest over, Dr. Lotanna Ugwu, to help us answer our questions on menstrual heal…

Dec 2, 2021

How To Maintain Sexual Purity//Unmarried or Married × Stephanie Ogwulu.

Hii, You're welcome back to another episode on the GMW Podcast! On today's episode, we discuss what sexual purity really is and practical tips on how…

Nov 19, 2021

Finding the balance between vulnerability, transparency and discretion.

Hi there, welcome back! In this episode, we discuss how to safely straddle the thin line between vulnerability, transparency, and discretion as we eng…

Oct 29, 2021

Beauty & Modesty: Heart code or Dress code?//Ijeoma Stephanie Ogwulu.

Hey you, welcome back! Don't forget to grab another sister as you listen in on this. On this episode, we discuss about beauty and modesty and answer t…

Oct 21, 2021

'Why' are you getting married? × Exploring your highest why // Ijeoma Stephanie Ogwulu

Our 'why' is our reason and motivation for the things we do. It is our why that drives and determines the decisions we make and the actions we take. I…

Oct 14, 2021

Dealing with Covetousness/ Ijeoma Stephanie Ogwulu

Want to know what covetousness is? What it isn't? Why we need to deal with it? And the anti-dote to it? You're in the right place. Relax and listen th…

Sep 10, 2021

Gender Roles; in Family & Society/ Ijeoma Stephanie & Adaora Muoh.

The concept of Gender roles is a long debated matter in society and one that particularly impacts on women. Christian women for the sake of good consc…

Aug 27, 2021

Finding Identity & Confidence.

Ever battled with the question of 'who am I?', or the lack of confidence that comes from not knowing who you are or having a faulty or corrupted sense…

Aug 13, 2021


Today, I kick off this season by taking us through a necessary foundation with an exposé on the Fatherhood of God, the meaning and implication of thi…

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