Free Indeed with Joshua Kesena is a series of authentic, relatable conversations about addiction by an ex-addict. Every addict knows how easy it is for non-addicts to talk about freedom but Joshua speaks from the perspective of someone who has walked miles in the shoes of anyone suffering from addiction to habits such as pornography, masturbation, drugs, sex, and the insatiable desire to fill the void.

Joshua tells the bad and ugly of his story and how Jesus took that darkness and turned it to light. Every addict will find himself in Joshua’s story and indeed in the salvation plan of God.

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Jan 16, 2022

Porn the new Tobacco

Research has shown how destructive Porn is on our society as the human race. This fact is deduced from peer-reviewed research by world renowned scien…

Jun 17, 2021

Overcoming Sexual Abuse - Interview with Aziki

The freedom we have in Christ is powerful enough to pull down any addiction no matter how powerful they may seem. Press play and listen to Aziki as sh…

Jun 5, 2021

A New Heart

The long term solution to any addiction or sin issue isn't a more in-depth teaching on what sin is and what sin is not. True freedom doesn't start by…

May 6, 2021


The doubts men face when it comes to taking the next step to becoming family man are born out of a lack of knowledge about who is calling you to fill…

Apr 21, 2021


There is a huge difference between what God created to be enjoyed within the context of marriage, and the twisted cheap imitation the devil has create…

Dec 8, 2020

SnowBank - The place of Theology and Doctrine in your life (Season Finale)

Morality birthed from the Spirit is God's plan for his children. This spirit-born morality is what enables the believer who is in a constant struggle…

Aug 14, 2020

Puppet Master

The Puppet Master Games: this is the constant battle in the mind between two forces, the Spirit and the Flesh. What the Spirit wants the flesh is agai…

Jun 26, 2020

Emotions | The New Man's response to emotion

On my journey to total freedom from sexual immorality issues and addictions, I realized a key tool that Temptation uses to influence my actions -Emoti…

May 23, 2020

Dealing with Sexual Abuse and Abortion | Session with Ajifa Ali

According to Unicef, one in four girls and 10 percent of boys have been victims of sexual abuse. The trauma of being abused as a child has the tendenc…
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May 23, 2020

Alien | In this world but not of the world

One key thing that will help addictions is a good understanding of The New Creature created in Christ, you. This new creature is Alien to the principl…

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