My podcast is centered on helping people focus on the things that truly matter even amidst the distractions that come in familiar modes in these dark times.

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Apr 29, 2021

When pain is all you know...

A broken world only produces a broken people and people meet people, interact and commune with people. Be determined to stop the bitterness we pass to…

Oct 4, 2020

Just Holla!

It's been a while I've dropped content on this platform and I've truly missed connecting with friends and sharing my thoughts on issues bothering on l…

Oct 1, 2019

Nigeria is IN-dependent she depends on us because we are IN her.

For Nigeria to be truly independent, we all as a part of this unit must he responsible(ability to choose our response) enough to make the best choice…

Sep 8, 2019

My Heart, My Issues.

The heart is very important in the making of our experiences. Our world is the way it is because of the hearts of men. Our realities are experiences t…

Aug 14, 2019

Focus 2 -Through whose eyes do you see

The world Is full of voices guided by what they see. Everyone's voice is an extension of one's sight. If you don't see right you can't speak right. Th…

Aug 8, 2019

Focus 1

Don't get poisoned. Watch what you feed on and most importantly what you digest into your mind.

Aug 7, 2019

Kenneth Righteousness (Trailer)


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