Serving encouragement and support with branding and small business tips, personal growth and development stories and insights for solopreneurs and small business owners in shoestring budget.
The idea is to build an entrepreneur with the right mindset from the get go and offering a paradigm shift to mindset and thinking perspective.

Recent Episode(s)

May 10, 2023

Daily Grounding Reminders

Reaffirm your truths every morning to keep yourself present.

Apr 11, 2022

The Tea with Psalm 23

I really was just minding my business thinking about some verses in Psalm 23 and I thought to record the experience and share with you in the hopes th…

May 27, 2020

Optimism is a SUPERPOWER!

This episode, I come to you unscripted and detailed. I and Jason Samuel share our takes on optimism, how we learn through it, and how we've grown thro…

May 14, 2020

Personal Intimacy: A by-product of Failure

Ms. Chichebem shares anecdotes from failed experiences and insights over time. She delves into thought-provoking events that are so relatable they get…

May 9, 2020

Habits That Change the World

Habits are attitudes, behaviours, and perspectives to life that we adopt and practice every day. They shape who we are and how we relate to people. Ha…

May 5, 2020

Building Self Confidence: Etiquette and Intentional Lifestyle.

Want practical tips on how you can polish up habits that boost and sustain your self-confidence? There's a full 17 minutes power moment with Mrs. Kaka…

May 1, 2020

Your Voice: Why Your Content Matters.

I believe strongly that we are all connected to one another and one person’s experience has a ripple effect where their actions, experiences, and de…

Apr 28, 2020

Values: Choosing What Matters To You - Insights to better human relationships.

It's of the utmost importance that we choose our value systems by ourselves because they are part of the elements that mould us into better people and…

Apr 26, 2020

Solitude: An essential for growth!

A snippet from a conversation with Emotional Coach and Personal Trainer, Ms. Selema Enang, sharing the personal benefits of solitude.  She counts the…

Apr 20, 2020

Fearless and Foolish Lot: Introduction

This episode is an explanation of what it means to be Fearless and Foolish, why this community via podcast has been created and a little clarity on pe…

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