Welcome to Everyday Black History! Where we highlight the contributions of Black Men and Women both Past and present. Here we celebrate Afro Appreciation, where Black American, Africans and Latinos of African descent are honored. We also highlight Institutions that have help the advancement of people in the African Diaspora, such as historically Black University and many others. Enjoy Support this podcast.

Recent Episode(s)

Apr 12, 2021

Sarah Rector- the richest Black Girl in America in 1913

Sarah Rector was a young Black Girl who came from Oklahoma and made a fortune when her land began to produce oil. She soon built an empire of land and…

Feb 23, 2021

Guion Bluford/Mea Jemison- the first African American man and woman in space.

Guion Bluford is the first African American man who flew into space and Mae Jamison is the first African American woman to fly into space. Their examp…

Feb 13, 2021

Charles Patterson/Fredrick Patterson- they started the first Black owned car manufacturing company

This episode highlights the father and son duo who started the first Black owned car manufacturing company. Check out the episode for more info. ---…

Feb 6, 2021

Jake Simmons/Lee W. Thomas- two men who made millions during the oil boom of the 20th century

Jake Simmons and L.W. Thomas are two men who made money in the oil business. The also established real estate and insurance companies, as well as a oi…

Jan 18, 2021

Anthony Crawford- successful entrepreneur and farmer who was murdered for his success

Anthony Crawford was a proud Black man who was successful and amassed considerable land holdings. He was about the uplifting of Black people and put h…

Jan 4, 2021

Dr Dorothy Spikes- Mathematician. Richard Spikes- Inventor with over 12 patents

Dr Dorothy Spikes was a mathematician and university administrator who’s work no doubt influenced many college age men and women. Richard Spikes was…

Dec 17, 2020

Robert Flemming Jr/Otis Blackwell- An inventor and a songwriting genius.

This episode covers two men who aren’t household names. Robert Flemming was an inventor who invented a type of guitar in 1886 and Otis Blackwell was…

Dec 10, 2020

Dr Alexa Canady/ John Love-the first Black female neurosurgeon in the US and an innovative inventor

Dr Canady was the first Black female neurosurgeon in the US. She has positively influenced and accomplished so much in the field of pediatric neurolog…

Dec 1, 2020

Chicago Defender/Pittsburgh Courier- two of the largest Black owned newspapers in the US

These two newspapers are two of the largest and most influential Black owned newspapers in the country. They were able to influence huge movements in…

Nov 23, 2020

Sam Cornish/John Russwurm- two of the founders of the first Black newspaper, Freedoms Journal

This episode cover two men who were the first editors and founders of the first Black newspaper, The Freedoms Journal. They opened the door for many B…

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