Welcome to Everyday Black History! Where we highlight the contributions of Black Men and Women both Past and present. Here we celebrate Afro Appreciation, where Black American, Africans and Latinos of African descent are honored. We also highlight Institutions that have help the advancement of people in the African Diaspora, such as historically Black University and many others. Enjoy Support this podcast.

Recent Episode(s)

May 26, 2022

Alonzo Herndon - Businessman and Entrepreneur

This episode is about Alonzo Herndon who was a successful businessman and Atlanta’s first Black millionaire. He also started one of the largest Blac…

May 9, 2022

Roy Clay Sr and Emmitt McHenry- two pioneers fro Black men and women in Tech

Roy Clay Sr and Emmitt McHenry are two pioneers in the field of tech. Roy is considered the “godfather of Black Silicon Valley” and Emmitt started…

Apr 20, 2022

Lisa Gelobter and Iddris Sandu- two innovators in Tech. Keep an eye on both of them

Lisa Gelobter is a computer scientist who has invented many things with which we take advantage of everyday, such as the animated GIF.

Apr 3, 2022

Kenneth and Mamie Clark

Kenneth and Mamie Clark were social psychologist who’s work with children became the basis for decades of child psychology methodology. There studie…

Mar 27, 2022

Stephanie St Clair

This episode is about Stephanie St Clair . She was a successful business woman, who was also a racketeer. She faced police brutality head on and stood…

Mar 14, 2022

Anna Murray Douglass/Rosetta Douglass - abolitionist and social reformers

This episode is about Anna Murray Douglass and Rosetta Douglass. Two women who were abolitionist and social reformers. They fought for freedoms for Bl…

Mar 10, 2022

Rebecca Lee Crumpler- the first Black woman physician in the US. She received her degree in 1864!

Rebecca Lee Crumpler is the first Black woman to officially practice medicine in the US. She was also an author and educator who wrote a book in medic…

Feb 14, 2022

India - Changing the mindset

I had the privilege of interviewing India and what it means to change ones mindset. We had a great conversation going over examples on how the Black c…

Feb 11, 2022

Caroline Devoe - Director of documentary film: Crawford - The Man The South Forgot

I had the privilege of interviewing Caroline Devoe, who is a multimedia filmmaker. She worked on a documentary film entitled Crawford - The Man The So…

Feb 7, 2022

Charles Chuck Harrison- industrial designer, speaker and educator.

Chuck Harrison was a designer and was the first Black man to lead the design dept of a major corporation. He was involved in the design of over 750 co…

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