In this podcast, I share some God-inspired thoughts around the coronavirus pandemic and the effects it’s had on the minds of many people.

Recent Episode(s)

Aug 9, 2020

Love Languages + God

In this podcast, I talk about how our comprehension of "love languages" can help us better understand how to carry out God's heart's desires and utmos…

Apr 2, 2020


Pandemic or not, God is never driven by wrath or wickedness, but only by his undying love for the world. That’s the basis of God’s relationship wi…

Jan 22, 2019

Handling Pain

If there’s one thing every person can expect to experience, it’s Pain. Question is, how do we handle pain? What’s the best way to ensure that th…

Nov 25, 2018

Worrying Backwards

It’s very easy to give thanks when you’re winning and everything is going great, but how do you remain thankful when things aren’t going as grea…

Nov 11, 2018

Welcome! (What Love Means)

This is my very first podcast and here I was led to share a wonderful story that speaks of the greatest kind of love you’d ever know! Listen and enj…

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