On this podcast, we focus on answering some of the questions that most young people experience difficulties in finding answers to.

Our goal is to reshape the culture of youths and teenagers most especially, globally.

We discuss everything ranging from individuality, gifts, talent, uniqueness to business, personal growth, or development.

We so much believe in your potentials and the solutions you bare within you.

Recent Episode(s)

May 6, 2023

Talking stages

How many talking stages have you been in this year alone? Let me show you a new perspective you probably haven’t thought about before…

May 1, 2023

Let go of control

Listen and find out…

Mar 5, 2023

Let it marinate

I realized that I spent the whole time in the episode describing “marinate” as simmer, but then again, I can’t change that now, can I? Anyway th…

Feb 28, 2023

To be or To become

What do you do when you are faced with a situation that requires you grow?

Feb 24, 2023


For everything in existence there is a purposes, a reason for its existence that makes utility possible, it is safe to say that one of our greatest jo…

Feb 24, 2023

They lied to us about leadership

Self leadership is the heart of leadership…

Jun 30, 2022

25 of 25

Lessons I've learned in the last one year…

Jul 28, 2021

To love vs To be loved

Love is not always about what “we” think it's mostly about the other person. Love is in its purest forms very sacrificial and selfless, yes and no…

Jun 7, 2020


Let's just take a second look at society.

May 30, 2020

Impact is a numbers game.

Your impact is not in the tree but the fruit of the tree. Let’s explore this depth.

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