A group of young, opinionated individuals wanting to discuss all the latest hot topics with YOU. Our cast is made up of a single male and female as well as an engaged couple aiming to give you the viewpoints from both sides of the love spectrum.

Recent Episode(s)

Oct 31, 2017

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! It's our 5th episode and we wanted to do something different for the holiday and the cast will be playing a game called "Trick or Tre…

Oct 18, 2017

Two And A Half Single People

Episode 4! We were short @mika2fancy but this was a fun episode none the less! We took some listener questions (which you can submit at bothsidespod@g…

Oct 11, 2017

How Early Is Too Early For Sex?

It's our 3rd episode and we're taking about S-E-X! How soon is too soon to sleep with someone? Is the 90 day rule really a reasonable thing to follow?

Oct 3, 2017

Why Are You Still Single?!

2nd episode! This episode we have two friends of the show @Dukk2 and @Desssbro and we ask them and the single members of the show “Why are you singl…

Sep 26, 2017

Who Hurt You?!

1st Episode! We are tackling the Kevin Hart cheating scandal, how do you regain trust in a relationship, divorce vs open marriages and whats worse bet…

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