Hey Friends❤️, Welcome. I’m here to share my heart through my art with you-Spoken word poetry and stories. I hope as you listen we bloom together regardless of whatever season we’re in-spring or winter.

Recent Episode(s)

May 17, 2020

When Fear Comes.

Fear is not your friend. It comes to keep you to the ground. I hope you find strength and gut always to live above fear and let faith and bravery win.

Apr 26, 2020

Give It A Title!!🌸

A day for a reawakening.

Apr 12, 2020


You’ll triumph again!

Apr 5, 2020

Hey Light🌻

We have been called into light-to become light, to act as light and to show forth light. This spoken word piece reminds us of who we are. Listen And T…

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