Blather is a raw/uncut design podcast hosted by two “unusual” designers, Praise and Oluwawibe. On here, we talk about design and the less pretty things that don’t usually make it to your fancy articles.

Recent Episode(s)

Aug 21, 2020

#7—Do Ethics Matter In Design ft Tosin Adeniyi

Tosin, Wibe and I shook some table around design ethics in this episode. Tosin shares her thoughts with us around stealing work, aiding and abetting,…

Aug 21, 2020

#6—Vibes with Online Gurus ft. Tosin Adeniyi and Kilani Ibrahim

After another unintentional break, here's Tosin and Praise familiarizing themselves over a familiar woe on the globe today—Online Gurus! It's really…

Aug 8, 2020

#5—Working For vs Running a Design Agency (Part 2)

In this episode, we continue from where we stopped and discussed how it felt working for and owning an agency. There were little nuggets at the end fo…

Jun 28, 2020

#4—Freelancer vs InHouse (Part 1)

Wibe and I talk about our experiences on both sides, sharing our ratings, our thoughts and whether or not you should be a freelancer. Give it a listen…

Jun 23, 2020

#3—Graphic Design Is My Passion

This episode calls out the "passion-designers", the special not-so-uncommon set of designers who do it for the love! The question we discussed is "is…

May 21, 2020

#2—Why Do You Do Design?

We decided to touch "personal branding" today. Apart from breaking some tables, you might be able to find insights into how to differentiate yourself…

May 13, 2020

#1—Should You Really Charge More Than 10K?

In this episode, Wibe and I talk about what you should consider when charging as a freelance designer or in-house designer. With a little sub here and…

May 9, 2020

#0—Introduction to Blather

Welcome to Blather! In this prologue, we talk about how this started, what you should expect and how to pronounce "blather". Were we nervous? Absolu…

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