The Black History Buff podcast is a fun and thrilling journey through time. Covering the full historical tapestry of the African Diaspora, you’ll hear tales covering everything from African Samurai to pistol-wielding poets. More than just a podcast, the show is a bridge that links communities throughout the African diaspora and enlightens and empowers its friends. If you’d like to become a friend of the show follow the links on this page You can find me at & www.blackhisto

Recent Episode(s)

Nov 16, 2022

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor - A life of Music and Colour

In this episode, we take a brief look at the life of Samuel Coleridge-TaylorThis episode was made with the support of Olu Lawal, Awele Ibeaji, Ebi,…

Jul 11, 2022

Doris Miller - Hero of Pearl Harbour

Doris Miller was a United States Navy cook third class who was killed in action during World War II. He was the first Black American to be awarded the…

May 3, 2021

The Shameful Phenomenon of Sundown Towns

What are Sundown Towns?A sundown or sunset town was a city, town or neighbourhood in the US that excluded non-whites after dark. The term sundown came…

Jun 30, 2020

Why fire and rain are enemies an African folktale

In this episode, we will be visiting an Ancient African folktale that tells us why Fire and Rain are enemies! Credits: Art Work by Sergey Pereskokov R…

Apr 7, 2020

The Little Rock Nine

During the summer of 1957 nine students enrolled at Little Rock high central high, which up until then had been an all-white school. In this episode,…

Feb 18, 2020

1st day of school: The little Rock Nine Preview

While creating my soon to be released episode about the Little Rock Nine, I got to thinking about education, school and specifically my first day at s…

Jan 28, 2020

A cry to war

Support the show on Patreon OR Buy me a coffee Show Notes:  Welcome to season 2 of The Black History Buff Podcast.  This season kicks off with a…

Sep 17, 2019

28: Benjamin Banneker Time Lord

Support the show on Patreon OR Buy me a coffee Todays Black History Blitz is about a self-taught mathematician, astronomer, compiler of almanacs, a…

Sep 10, 2019

27: African Proverbs, Myths and Legends - Go together

Support the show on Patreon OR Buy me a coffee Show Notes:  This is King Kurus from the black history buff podcast and before I get into this week…

Sep 3, 2019

26: For Critical thinkers only

Support the show on Patreon OR Buy me a coffee A short promo clip for you to share with friends, family and anyone you might kinda care about. …

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