Best of Both Worlds Podcast is a show for Liberals, open minded intellectuals, accommodating of others opinion, and open to change, where different perspectives, opinions, or point of view on varying topic is put forward for discussion.
A weekly published podcast that features different school of thought, beliefs or ideology ranging from relationships, culture, family, religion, career, and more.
The idea is to have people with varying opinions come discuss it out on different topics, and find a balance where we can all relate and cohabit, which will only make the world a better & safe place.

Recent Episode(s)

May 18, 2021

Discussing Nigerian Music Awards System on the ChaCha Podcast

Finally.....I was able to bring this episode to your listening pleasure. I sat down with Hafeestonova of the"ChaCha Podcast", and we spoke on the Nige…

Mar 22, 2021

My Radio Interview

Are you curios about who the host of this podcast is, what I'm up to, and couple of other things? Then, listen to this episode where I was interviewed…

Mar 3, 2021

Will you take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Will you take the Covid-19 Vaccine? I got some interesting responses when I conducted a survey to understand people's perspective on the Covid-19 Vacc…

Jan 31, 2021

USA & its Democracy

Yaaaay, I was finally able to have an episode dedicated to the Presidential election of the United States, and all the events which surrounded it. Joi…

Jan 18, 2021

Welcome to Season II

Yaaaaay! My excitement is way through and above the roof as i type this. It is only by God and everyone that has contributed in any way to this podcas…

Nov 24, 2020

What Jerry Rawlings means to an average Ghanaian.

We had to highlight Jerry John Rawlings aka JJ Rawlings, one of Ghana's revolutionary leader who passed away on Nov 12, 2020. To do the honors, JJ Att…

Nov 9, 2020

Moving on from the Protest

I had to take a break away from my normal activities, as I needed to fully process the realization we found ourselves in. As a result of the incessant…

Sep 28, 2020

Edo Election & God-Fatherism

The recently concluded Edo state gubernatorial election was riddled with lots of drama, Nigerians stood still as event unfolds leading to the declarat…

Sep 8, 2020

The Female Igbo and her Inheritance

I had a great time on this episode, discussing with my Igbo friend, the rights of the female Igbo to her father's inheritance. This old Igbo custom ha…

Aug 24, 2020

Who is Lisa Hanna?

Yeaaaah! I enjoyed making this episode, as I grooved to some Dancehall music from Jamaica. Lisa Hanna went viral with a campaign song made by Dancehal…

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