Bcon Podcast has evolved to share stories and conversations with inspiring and successful personal brands. In the solo episodes, you get to listen to digital marketing tips for your personal brand and stories on my journey as an entrepreneur.

Join discussions about how these spectacular individuals have made it and stood out in their fields of interest. The Bcon Podcast is an opportunity to learn from real-life situations that make this show a “must-subscribe.”

Every episode leaves you motivated and with clear action steps.

Recent Episode(s)

Oct 16, 2021

EP 50: How To Stand Out As A Service Based Business

As a service provider, standing out shouldn’t be difficult as long as you pay attention to details. In this episode, I shared 6 ways you can stand o…

Oct 8, 2021

EP 49: How You Can Plug Into Tech

I’m back! Yaaaaas! This episode was brought to you courtesy of a conversation I had on my WhatsApp status on how people can break into tech. Well, i…

Mar 9, 2021

EP 48 - Key Strategies For Scholarship Applications

This webinar was taught by Mr Olayinka Elegbede. I hope you learn these key Strategies for scholarship applications and leverage them to get opportuni…

Jul 20, 2020

EP 47 - Who Moved My Cheese With Adaobi Ezeadum (Book Review)

In this episode, I reviewed the book 'Who Moved My Cheese' with Adaobi Ezeadum, Fear Strategist. Her insights are so powerful.  Listen now. …

Apr 22, 2020

EP 46- Lessons From The Movie - Self Made (Story About Madam CJ Walker)

In this episode, I am joined with Mrs. Amaka of Parents Wey Sabi as we discuss the story of Madam CJ Walker. First written as a book by her great-grea…

Jan 16, 2020

Pages with Joy (Trailer)

--- Send in a voice message:…

Sep 9, 2019

EP 45 - How To Hire The Right People For Your Small Business

In this episode,  we had the phenomenal Adora Ikwuemesi and we discussed hiring for small businesses. She also shared interesting insights on the…

Sep 2, 2019

EP 44 - How To Start A food Business With Bimpe Ajibola

This episode is particularly insightful for food business owners. Bimpe shares her journey into the food industry and tells what mistakes she made and…

Aug 5, 2019

EP 43 - With Othman Abdulrasheed

In this interview with Othman Abdulrasheed, we discuss family, work-life balance, his interest in polo game and how he has been able to build his care…

Jul 29, 2019

EP 42 - Ditch The Employee Mindset

Building a personal brand in the workplace is a great way to stand out from your colleagues. In this epsode, I shared what the employee mindset is all…

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