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May 3, 2021

S3E2: Of Romans in three, Open marriages and Spiritual Warfare

This episode was challenging to record, edit and even upload but we did it Joe! Thanks to my guest on the Christian take segment featuring Jimi Damilo…

Apr 26, 2021

L.O.L: Work-Life Blend or Balance?

Inspired by a conversation featuring Mayowa Daniel, Harold Ukpai and my partner. Believe me, I have these sorts of conversations more frequently than…

Apr 22, 2021

S3E1: I've been away for too long, let's catch up!

Ask me questions after you listen! Send me an email if you want me to talk about anything here: Just indicate what segment yo…

Apr 14, 2020

Bonus: Do it Afraid

Inspired by Tonye’s Love Letter; I’m getting back into this. Let’s go guys!

Feb 15, 2020

S2E5: Of the rest of Galatians with the Romans in Four, The World and The Love of God FT Samuel Ojo

Bunie missed a week but not to worry, she brings The rest of Galatians as well as this week’s study Romans. Idy is no where to be found this week, f…

Jan 30, 2020

S2E4: Of Galatians in Three, Questions and Life (or is it death now?)

Bunie and Idy visit the Church in Galatia for a bit and tell you about their travels, they even met the apostle Paul, an uncanny fellow that man. Then…

Jan 20, 2020

S2E3: Of Ephesians till six, Homosexuality and Salvation FT Idy

Bunie and Idy polish off the rest of the book of Ephesians then in subsequent segments she discusses Homosexuality explaining the Sodom and Gomorrah s…

Jan 13, 2020

S2E2: Of Ephesians in Three, Infidelity and Grace ft Idy and Joshua Kesena

Bunie talks about Ephesians 1-3 with Idy, her bible study partner and banters Infidelity with Joshua Kesena then closes with grace our foundation. Cl…

Jan 4, 2020

S2E1: Of Bible Study, Christian Takes and Scriptural concepts.

A basis for the rest of the season. In this episode Bunie explains in detail what to expect from each episode.

Dec 30, 2019

It’s a wrap

Grateful for this year TBH. 2020, we locomote further! 🙂…

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