Badilisha Poetry X-Change is both an online audio archive and Pan-African poetry show delivered in radio format. Now the largest online collective of African poets on the planet, Badilisha has showcased and archived over 500 Pan-African poets from 28 different countries. It reflects the myriad of rhythms and rhymes, voices, perspectives and aspirations from all corners of the globe. Poetry Radio focuses on weekly podcasts featuring poets from the African Continent and its Diaspora. It is a space dedicated to the exposure and growth of previously unheard and unknown poetry voices from the continent, and an archive of historical poets from the continent and beyond.
Badilisha Poetry Radio is the only poetry podcast platform exclusively dedicated to voices of Africa and the Diaspora, based and produced on the African continent. Centered in Cape Town, South Africa[1] Badilisha Poetry Radio was launched on 30 April 2010.

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