My podcast is a safe space to talk about any and everything , it promotes peace of mind and the fact that we’re really never alone , growth, emotional intelligence and a healthy mental health

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Dec 26, 2020

Been reflecting ❤️❤️❤️

I can’t believe how this year took a turn and I guess it’s just overwhelming acknowledging that it’s finally coming to an end 💕💕💕💕…

Nov 1, 2020

Busy catching up

From #Endsars to life updates , with two of my absolute favorite girls Ope (Twitter - @OpeTubora_ IG: opetubora) and Ileri (ileriil_)…

Sep 19, 2020

Because I’m thinking of You

This is just a few words and random thoughts , but I hope it makes you feel the way you want to when you listen💕💕💕 Reach out on my social med…

Aug 29, 2020

Based on this Situation

Remember I said this podcast is about growth and experiences, so here’s something I thought to share and I hope you enjoy it. Remember you can reach…

Jul 31, 2020

Be A Friend (The 7 numbers )

This is the sequel to the last episode, it’s identifying 7 toxic non obvious traits in friendships. I really love being friends with my friends and…

Jun 27, 2020

Be a Friend!!!!!!!

This episode tries to describe points and tips for fostering healthy relationships and friendships with people 💕 --- This episode is sponsored b…

Jun 6, 2020

Being Strong despite

This episode was created with so much love I hope it helps someone, it’s people sharing their stories and me appreciating them for doing this for so…

May 30, 2020


This is a message for to and I hope it encourages you to have the courage to show up for yourself and be positive…

May 17, 2020

Being bigger than the Pandemic

This episode , I know it’s long lol but I have Amarachi on it and we’re talking about how to stay positive and being your best self especially as…

May 9, 2020

B - Here 💕

This is the debut of the podcast series, this explains why this podcast is and hopefully could be helpful to someone ❤️…

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