Welcome to Amy’s Special Podcast, we are focused on bringing out the best in you, inspiring and motivating you to be the best you can be through our various episodes of talks on personal developments, relationship, love and life in general. Each episode mind blowing and captivating as you would learn something new that would help develop you in all aspects of your life.

Recent Episode(s)

Nov 30, 2023

Strength in weakness 💪

Listen to find out fully how to obtain strength even in weaknesses. --- Send in a voice message:…

Sep 24, 2023

Love and Light

Learn to give people their flowers when they're still alive not when they are gone...😔...❤️&💡 --- Send in a voice message: https://po…

Aug 17, 2023


Like a steadfast anchor in a stormy sea, resilience is the inner capacity that allows us to bounce back from difficulties, adapt to changes, and conti…

May 4, 2023

Important message!

It's an impromptu episode that emphasizes the need to fill the void in every human with the appropriate being. --- Send in a voice message: https:/…

Mar 1, 2023

Staying Sane!

This period in the life of Nigerians, especially the average Nigerian isn't funny at all... people are losing their sanity with all that's been happen…

Jan 4, 2023

You and Your Plans for the new year!

Making plans for the year can be a fun and exciting experience especially for young people like you and I who may be looking to set goals and make pos…

Jan 4, 2023

Now that you are Young... 🌱

Listen and learn how to use your youthfulness to your own advantage and lay a solid foundation that your future self will be grateful for ..... Don't…

Jun 28, 2022


Speaking positive words to yourself really goes a long way in helping you gain confidence in your own skin. Positive Affirmations is underrated and yo…

May 4, 2022

What is Success to you?

Success means different things to different people.... but what does it really mean to you... find out in this episode 🌹💕 --- Send in a voice…

Apr 7, 2022

Growth and Comfort Zone!

Do you have this passion and zeal to step out of your comfort zone and crush your goals, but some way somehow, you manage not to do as much as you wan…

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