A platform for people who are doing really great things across the continent, mainly young people, young women, who are building things, who are shaping things that you otherwise wouldn’t know about them.
ther podcast that builds a culturally rich and innovative dialogue for young listeners. The Afracanah Podcast is a conversation among friends that captures the essence of being in the diaspora. Listen in to hear more about this community-building media.

Recent Episode(s)

Oct 25, 2020

Episode 42: Glory Holes and Lace Panties

Our season finale! After months of interviews, the girl children share what this unexpected COVID season has brought them. And phew, the growth! 0:2…

Sep 5, 2020

The Ally Series Episode 3: Kitso Lemo

Meet Kitso Lemo, who leads winning teams across East and Southern Africa and is an ally to women in the corporate workplace. 0:29 Kitso and Nomusa o…

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