Adzvice is a platform for the so-called ‘millennials’. A place for us to have open, honest and practical conversations about the stuff we don’t talk about enough. Somewhere to discuss things we didn’t get taught in school like money management, side hustles and the many societal pressures we face daily.
Created in 2016, we are based in London, UK and run jointly by young professionals, Ade Akins and Bonita Rochelle who also co-host the Adzvice Podcast.
We champion regular conversations around mental health and other ‘taboo’ topics through our Let’s Talk event series.
There’s also the newsletter. Twice a month we send out short, useful and personal letters to our community.
Whether you are willingly or reluctantly ‘adulting’, follow us and join in the discussions.

Recent Episode(s)

Feb 28, 2021

081 - Things to Unlearn as an Adult [ft. Blacticulate] - [S5]

Unlearning is the central theme of this week’s episode and Ade and Bonita talk in great detail about just a handful of things they believe adults mu…

Feb 21, 2021

080 - Is Social Media Anti-Social? - [S5]

Inspired by a few recent events on Bonita's Twitter account, the guys are back to discuss how social Social Media really is today. DISCUSSION POINTS…

Feb 14, 2021

079 - Understanding The Vaccine [ft. Pome Knight] - [S5]

Ade and Bonita are joined this week by 'The Medical Expert', Pome Knight - a community pharmacist. With so much misinformation surrounding the vaccine…

Feb 7, 2021

078 - Is It Romantic, or Is It Toxic? [ft. Shomi Williams] - [S5]

What better way to prepare for Valentine's Day than a good ol' discussion about toxic behaviour within relationships? Ade and Bonita are joined by Sh…

Jan 31, 2021

077 - Covert Racism [ft. Imarn Ayton] - [S5]

Ade and Bonita are joined by Imarn Ayton, Founder of the Black Reformist Movement to explore various topics surrounding covert and institutional racis…

Jan 24, 2021

076 - Managing Mental Health During Lockdown [ft. Inside Out UK] - [S5]

This sponsored episode features a discussion in support and promotion of the NHS' #HelpUsHelpYou Mental Health campaign. Ade and Bonita are joined by…

Jan 17, 2021

075 - Domestic Abuse: You Are Not Alone [ft. Liz Kingsley] - [S5]

This sponsored episode features a discussion in support and promotion of the #YouAreNotAlone Domestic Abuse campaign. For an important discussion on…

Jan 10, 2021

074 - Why Are We Afraid of Turning 30? - [S5]

Bonita is about to be the newest member of the 'Dirty Thirty' club which inspired a frank conversation about why us 'millennials' are often scared of…

Jan 3, 2021

073 - The Lessons 2020 Taught Us - [S5]

After several months out of action due to health issues, Bonita is finally back! In the first episode of the New Year, she joins Ade to reflect on the…

Dec 20, 2020

072 - High Functioning Anxiety [ft. Charity] - [S5]

On this week's episode, Ade is joined by Charity, a good friend based in New York and founder of SZND Clothing. Charity is also someone that recently…

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