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May 5, 2021

Toxic Masculinity and Romantic Wellness | Dr Iwar | The Waking Human

On this episode we are joined by Dr Iwar ( The Waking Human) We discuss the impact of mental health on physical and emotional wellbeing. We also discu…

Dec 16, 2020

#41 Do Vasectomies cause cancer? | Dr Francis Okoroh

On this episode of Taboo doctor, we are joined by Dr Francis Okoroh, who discusses the use of vasectomies as a contraceptive method. We explore the fe…

Dec 9, 2020

#40 #40 Miscarriage, and infant loss | Tito Idakula

On this episode we discuss miscarriage and abortion with Tito Idakula.   We explore the statistics around missed abortion, and missed miscarriage.  …

Dec 2, 2020

#39 My Psoriasis Skin Care Journey | Michelle Nyasha

On this episode we are joined by Michelle Nyasa. Michelle was diagnosed with psoriasis as a child.   Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition which…

Nov 25, 2020


On this episode we are joined by Dr Doug Pepple.   On today's episode Dr Peppel talks to us about sexual health and safe sex for millenial men. We ex…

Nov 20, 2020

#37 FGM and Contraception | Dr Wumi Fagunwa

On this episode we are joined by Dr Wumi Fagunwa of Shake Africa. Shake Africa is an organisation committed to changing the narrative about sexual wel…

Nov 11, 2020

#36 Navigating sexual consent | Dr Nadine Thornhill

On this episode we are joined by Dr Nadine Thornhill.   Dr Thornhill is sex educator and Doctor of Education specializing in child and adolescent sex…

Nov 4, 2020

#35 Mental Health , EndSars Lekki Shooting | Aanu Jide-Ojo

On the 20th of October 2020 armed men, in military garb opened fire, shooting peaceful protesters who were sat singing their national anthem at the Le…

Oct 28, 2020

#34 Censorship of African female sexuality | Tamara of the Yellow Wall

On this episode we are joined by Tamara of the Yellow Wall.   She shares her journey to sexuality and how she has…

Oct 14, 2020

#33 Sexual Pleasure and the African Woman | Olori Coitus

On this episode, we are joined by Yeside Olayinka-Agbola, also known as Olori coitus. She is a certified Sexual Health Educator, and intimacy & Pl…

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