Each week, tens of thousands listen in to hosts Marvin Abbey, Keith Dube and Tazer Black as they discuss anything and everything, with no topics off limits, as the boys discuss sex, relationships, current affairs, culture and a host of other subjects in their trademark style.

Recent Episode(s)

Sep 30, 2022

When I Started Rapping I Didn't Know It Was Drill - 320 (Feat. K Trap)

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 320 Feat. K TrapTopics: Jeffrey Dahmer, Saturated Music, Songs That Get You Hyped, Lyrics Going Over Your Head,…

Sep 23, 2022

Is Giving Us A Black Little Mermaid Enough? - 319

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 319 Feat. The Usual SusapectsTopics: Is PMB's Girl To Blame For His Death, Needing To Checking In, Code Switchin…

Sep 23, 2022

I Wanna Go To A Real Yardie Rave - 319

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 319 Feat. The Usual SuspectsTopics: Does Music Have To Impct You Directly For You To Appreciate It, New York Is…

Sep 16, 2022

We Were The First To Get A UK Number 1 - 318 (Feat. Oxide & Neutrino)

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 318 Feat. Oxide & NeutrinoTopics: So Solid, Pirate Radio, Casualty, Music Before Social Media, TOTP's, Tomb…

Sep 9, 2022

I Am An Athlete, I Just Want To Represent My Country - 317 (Feat. Dwain Chambers)

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 317 Feat. Dwain ChambersTopics: We Speak About Dwain Chambers Past, Present & Future, Athletics, The Doping…

Sep 2, 2022

Men Are Bad But Women Are Wicked - 316 (Feat. Youngs Teflon & Tiny Boost)

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 316 Feat. Youngs Teflon & Tiny BoostTopics: Cheating Gone Wrong, Catfishes, House Visits Gone Wrong, Certain…

Aug 26, 2022

Don't Ask Me Ask Google - 315 (Feat. Keith Murray)

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 315 Feat. Keith MurrayTopics: The Sing-A-Long, Growing Up In New York, Why Did You Start Rapping, Woodstock 99,…

Aug 19, 2022

He Slapped Me In the Rave - 314 (Feat. Shxts N Giggs)

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 314 Feat. Shxts N GiggsTopics: Day Shift, Vampires, Jordan Peele & Nope, Favourite Films, Tazer The Film Spo…

Aug 12, 2022

5k Sugar Daddy - 313

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 313Topics: Good Music Back Day, Nelly vs Ludacris, Irv Gotti The Chatty Patty, Links Overstepping The Mark, Keit…

Aug 5, 2022

Bredriano - 312 (Feat. Margs)

The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 312 Feat. Margs On The PhoneTopics: SuperDupaHumble Sex Stories, Kevin Harts Reactions, Maya & Margs, Thr GR…

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