Join AOT2 and Ugochi on their wild journey as they discuss everything Pop culture, music, movies and more. 234 Essential focuses on Nigerian pop culture but goes beyond trending topics on social media. It looks at the bigger picture and provides accurate historical and societal context to what is trending online.

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Sep 15, 2021

Power is Power ft Frakyln

Episode show notes:We need more film training academies in Nigeria (26:46), Gov Wike inaugurates VAT (28:50), Governors haven’t been providing bette…
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Sep 8, 2021

Intimate Spaces

Episode show notes:It is an irony that there's no free beachfront in Lagos (22:01), and housemaids are renting children to beggars (35:32). Zamfara ha…
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Sep 1, 2021

Out Of The Blue Comes The Storm.

Episode show notes:Acclaimed Bandits invaded the Nigerian Defense Academy (9:32), while the Nigerian media is dependent on what the government says (1…
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Aug 25, 2021

Get Me Lit

Episode show notes:It has become a norm for men in their late 20s & 30s to date 19-year-olds  (24:47). To be in a relationship with an adult,  y…
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Aug 18, 2021


Episode show notes:This week the Dubai embassy grants free visas to Ghanaians(13:20), bishop Oyedepo speaks against feminism(28:26). Is cheating a dea…
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Aug 11, 2021

Every Story Matters

AOT2 and Ugochi discuss the addiction of betting (22:27), Mo Abudu filming the background of “Hushpuppi”, Big Brother housemates not delivering be…
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Aug 4, 2021

Super Tailor

Episode Show notes: Nigeria cannot succeed in sports when it has poor sports development (10:04). AOT2 dissects the “blood money” fan mail (11:00)…
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Jul 28, 2021

Blood Money

Episode Show notes: Although Nigeria's salary system has been decapitated (12:49), spending too much time at the ATM is inconvenient (22:16). Meanwhil…
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Jul 21, 2021

Crazy Rich Igbos

Episode Show notes: Last weekend, Obi Cubana shut down the village of Oba in Anambra state to bury his mother (16:06), but the practice drew mixed emo…
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Jul 12, 2021

Too Much Sex.

Episode Shownotes:Ugochi talks about the Agbo market and its mixtures (8:65) while AOT2 speaks about the demise of Sound Sultan (15:20). He also speak…
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