Join AOT2 and Ugochi on their wild journey as they discuss everything Pop culture, music, movies and more. 234 Essential focuses on Nigerian pop culture but goes beyond trending topics on social media. It looks at the bigger picture and provides accurate historical and societal context to what is trending online.

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Oct 6, 2022


Happy post-Independence Day! In this episode of your favourite podcast, AOT2 and Ugochi discuss Nigeria at 62, Peter Obi's ever-increasing popularity,…
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Sep 29, 2022

I Want to Be a Baller

From banks suspending international cards to the FG banning ponmo, this episode will have you stressed AF. For more information on all episode releas…
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Sep 21, 2022


AOT2 and Ugochi are back with another episode, discussing spooky bridges, publicly dating and more. They are joined by Motolani Alake.For more informa…
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Sep 14, 2022

Long Live The King

In this episode, Ugochi and AOT2 discuss The Queen’s passing, unending proposals from monarchs, Okada riders bagging chics out of their league and m…
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Sep 7, 2022

Category: Chef

Ugochi and AOT2 discuss bad behaviour from Nigerians abroad, the ASUU ongoing strike and other stuff worth checking out!For more information on all ep…
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Aug 31, 2022

It’s The Algorithm

Ugochi and AOT2 discuss witches and wizards going into politics, Police baddies, everything happening in Big Brother Naija and the usual stuff + Relea…
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Aug 24, 2022

The Pressure is Getting Worser

In this episode, Ugochi and AOT2 talk about partying at night, animals destroying government papers and the never-ending situationsnhip between women…
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Aug 17, 2022

Dress The Part

The gang are back with a new episode discussing Nigerian hook-up culture, unsuspected third-wheelers in marriages and Nigerian policemen on good behav…
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Aug 10, 2022

Queer in Nigeria

Brand new episode of 234 with AOT2 and Ugochi. Dig in.For more information on all episode releases and additional information about the hosts, follow…
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Aug 3, 2022

Celibacy Boyz In Christ

It's all about boyfriends describing their girlfriends in the strangest ways, terrorists closing in on the capital, Abuja, and all the Big Brother Nai…
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