Here are the rules for the contest.

1. Decide on a topic you want to speak about in your 90 secs podcast. There is no restriction on what you can speak about but you must be positive, authentic and original. We will disqualify negative messaging or anything aimed at tearing down others.

2. Record/edit the audio file and ensure that it is clear and sharp. Name the file with your topic and add – an African perspective on *Whatever the category of your talk is*. Upload your audio to your account.

3. Go to and make your submission. Follow the instructions and fill the form properly so that your file can easily be found by the people you ask to listen to it.

4. Get people in your social media community to listen to your podcast. The top 9 podcasts based on listens will enter the list of finalists and stand a chance to win the #afrotivityin90secs star prize.

5. The finalists will be named on our Instagram and Twitter pages at the end of the competition period. The Top 9 podcasts will be voted for on both platforms.